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love letter: april + james

{photo: carissa woo photography}
**warning: super long review**

There are no words to describe how amazing Eunice is at her job! If there were 10 stars, I would give her 12! She's just that amazing. She goes above and beyond what a wedding coordinator (or a normal person) would do, and on top of that, she does everything with an amazing amount of patience and grace!

We hired Eunice as a day-of coordinator, but she still contacted me throughout the entire planning process, checking up on me to see if I needed any advice, suggestions, or needed help making decorations or crafts. Since she knew my wedding was mostly DIY, she even offered to take some big projects off my hands so that I can focus on other things (such a sweetheart!!).

But poor Eunice. She did not know what she was getting herself into when she agreed to coordinate our wedding. If there ever was a nightmare of all nightmares of a wedding, mine was it. It starts with us not wanting to spend too much $, so we had a lot of services/products donated to us by our friends and family. However, in exchange for their services, we had to provide a lot of manpower. So we enlisted a few friends to help with the set up, which included setting up tables, chairs, table covers & chair covers, putting up christmas lights, setting up center pieces, and arranging flowers/decorations around the venue. I thought there would be about 10-15 friends helping Eunice setting up everything but in reality, here is what happened:

The 10-15 people that I thought would be there actually turned out to be 2 (where was everyone else?? I don't know). So Eunice, her assistant, and our two friends set up 100 chairs with the chair covers, table covers, put up Christmas lights (they had to climb a 15-foot ladder and hang up 300+ ft. of lights), set up the center pieces and the napkins, and put up decorations all over the venue... all before I even got there at 2:30 pm for our "first look" (HOW did she pull this off??). On top of that, Eunice had to make sure that everyone else (me, my husband, photographers, videographer, officiant, family members, DJ, etc.) were all on track with the schedule so that we could start the wedding ceremony on time. By the time our guests started to trickle in, everything was set up beautifully and we were none the wiser. Eunice even had band-aids, safety pins, and other random knick-knacks that my bridal party ended up needing last-minute!

During dinner (which was buffet style), Eunice made sure that James and I received our food first, and then she proceeded to get food for the rest of our bridal party AND the other vendors. I don't even know if she had time to eat herself! When it came to the cake-cutting, I didn't think to hire/ask anyone to cut and serve the cake for our guests, so Eunice decided to cut the cake and serve our 100 guests. Eunice went so far above and beyond during our wedding that even our guests noticed how hard she was hustling! Everyone was impressed by her work ethic and the future brides at our wedding all asked for her business card.

Embarrassingly, the nightmare doesn't there. After the reception was over, I didn't think to ask people to help clean up or hire a staff to do so, so once everyone had left, Eunice, her assistant, and one friend were left to deal with the aftermath. So they had to tear down everything they had set up that morning, but this time, they also had to deal with trash, the dessert/candy bar, the remainder of the wedding cake, the leftover beer/alcohol from our open bar, and I'm sure a ton more. Speaking of which, my decorations consisted of a ton of heavy, heavy books.

I'm the first to admit that I'm the worst bride ever and I can't believe I put poor Eunice through all of this! But if Eunice can turn my potentially disastrous wedding into a dream, she can do anyone's wedding. She even coordinated her OWN 1,000-person wedding. ON her own wedding day! This lady is unstoppable! Did I also mention that she's a mom?

Sorry for the super long review, but I just wanted people to know what kind of a person Eunice is. She's just 100% giving, unbelievably hard working, composed in the face of seemingly impossible situations, and does NOT complain one bit (I found out about all the above disasters from our friend who helped her. This friend, also amazing). Most importantly, she made sure that I didn't worry about anything, and that I simply enjoyed my wedding, which I absolutely did!

Bottom line: Hire them. Eunice will go through hell and high water to make sure you are stress-free and happy on your wedding day no matter WHAT happens.