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love letter: eunice + ted

{photo: caroline yoon photography}
Even as an organized bride, I know this day would not have run as smoothly as it did without Eunice. She even took on the challenge of working with a bride with the same name -- there is no topping that! Eunice is passionate about what she does and will work with you as if this was her own wedding. It is more than just a "job" for Eunice, and that is a quality that I highly value. I would not have entrusted such a day to her or to anyone else had I felt otherwise. I never once felt badly about emailing last minute updates or details -- Eunice makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

Most importantly, many if not all brides would agree that even with careful, detailed planning, there are sure to be those unexpected moments popping up the night before or on the day of that require extra flexibility -- Eunice provides that flexibility.

A wedding involves and brings together so many people, vendors, friends, and family, and it is such a significant day. I am so grateful to have had Eunice journey with me!