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love letter: mina + jun

{photo: david nget photography}
With a 16- month engagement, I thought I had it all under control because I'm pretty organized and had a long time to plan. I got so much planning done in the beginning that I decided to relax until I realized that our wedding was only 3 months away and I hadn't designed a save the date to mail out. Eek!

Eunice was such an integral part in not only making sure that our wedding went smoothly but also in reminding me to take deep breaths and enjoy the process. I'd say that I was a pretty chill bride and a lot of that had to do with Eunice promptly answering my emails and picking up or immediately returning my phone calls. Like seriously... as I'm dialing Eunice's number, my heart would be beating rapidly as I'm about to have a panic attack that my nice cake lady had to cancel three weeks before our wedding due to a family emergency! Then, as soon as I heard Eunice's voice, I felt a little better. She patiently listened to me rant and helped me to organize my thoughts. Within minutes, my heart rate was back to normal and I find myself smiling.

A BIG thank you to Eunice especially (and her team) for bouncing ideas off of, listening to my vision, going to the antique shop with me, creating a Pinterest board just for us and our possible theme, communicating with all of my vendors, organizing our wedding rehearsal, making the amazing streamer wall for our photo booth back drop, creating the day-of timeline, setting up the ballroom and guest sign-in table, ensuring that everyone was in their right place at the right time, making certain that we had time to eat, cleaning up after the wedding, helping us to load our cars, and making both of us feel relaxed and at ease on our wedding day because we knew that she'd take care of everything and anything that happened along the way. Oh, and she gives really comforting hugs when you need them, folks!

I also have to rave about her amazing day-of emergency kit that had ALL of the essentials that you could possibly think of! There were items in there that I didn't think I'd need at all on my wedding day and then I ended up frantically digging through the box for! I still find myself using the goodies in the cute container!